Ninn : Ninn Is Not Notepad

Ninn (or NINN as you want, it's not like iStuff) is a text editor created for the fun.

Ninn is under creative commons license BY - SA (could change in the future).

Dev's note : Firstly made with Java. The later versions will be maybe made with another language.

Download alpha version

Download alpha version 2015-09-11

Required configuration :

A computer with the JVM installed (Java 1.7 min).

Win/Lin (Executable JAR)

MacOS X (App)



Version 2015-09-11

* Improving UI : Some alert windows.

* You can use the clipboard
Shortcuts : Ctrl/Cmd+C and Ctrl/Cmd+V.

* You can also drag'n'drop file into the textarea.

Version 2015-09-06

* Buttons allowing to add code snippet

Version 2015-08-21

* Create, open and save file

* It can open .txt, .js, .py, .java and and .sh files (but also text plain files)

Version 2015-08-18

* Two splitted panels

* A text area

All previous versions (JAR only)